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About me

Britta Becker designs homes, spaces, home accessories and fashion that embody the right balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Whether through the homes, spaces designed by Britta Becker Studio or the products of her lifestyle brand Twelve by Britta Becker, she wants people to feel comfortable and at home every day, everywhere. Cozy comfort. 



Britta Becker is a former world field hockey champion who has been building homes for a long time and became an interior designer and creative director.After the Hamburg-based choice announced her retirement from the German national team in 2004 - after 231 international games and an Olympic silver medal - she used her drive, dedication and love of aesthetics to launch a new career: Houses, interior architecture and design.That was the beginning of Britta Becker Studio, an architecture and interior design studio that later led her to found the lifestyle brand Twelve by Britta Becker. 



Britta Becker Studio designs homes and spaces where comfort, aesthetics and practicality live in perfect balance, creating what Britta defines as the lightness of living.The studio's main goal is to create homes and spaces that feel cozy and warm by using traditional and natural materials such as stone, wood and concrete, bright colors, clean lines, fabrics and rugs. Often accented with colorful pillows and special accessories. Although often contrasting everything fits together beautifully and creates a style, Morocco meets Scandinavia, that is quite unique to the studio.Britta Becker Studio has designed homes, rooms, apartments and vacation homes throughout Europe.